Mentorship at the entry level:

MENTOR UP : it's all in the confidence

Who For:

  • Salon owners choosing between Partner Up Level and Mentor Up level - who cannot commit to the fullest extent.



  • See the Partner Up level description. You get the same - just not as much of it and at a lower price tag:
  • Linking with a highly connected leader in the field - access to a strong team of recommended complementary professionals.

From: Getting by.
To: Turning a profit and getting on track to achieve your vision

  • Monthly in-person meeting/s with Andrew totalling 2 hours
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages in between
  • Up to 30 minutes on the phone with Andrew for a call or calls in between to ensure you are implementing and making progress.
  • 6 months duration.


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Investment Value:
For the equivalent of a proportion of your increased income, you get Andrew’s mentoring to make sure you are on track and growing as a professional. Because you to get into profit mode faster, your whole future becomes different and the value becomes priceless.